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Hamster Diet & Nutrition

In the wild, hamsters eat different seeds, plant roots and even insects. Providing the pet hamster best food mix is the most important thing to keep it happy and healthy.  So let’s find out all information about Hamster Diet.

How To Choose The Right Feeding Time?

Some people say that it’s better to feed your hamsters in the evening when they wake up and become active, while others say that it’s better to give them fresh food in the morning because hamster don’t sleep all day long and sometimes wake up to eat food. In the wild, hamsters collect food during the night, take it to the burrow and eat it during the day. You can feed your hamster either in the morning or in the evening, just make sure you give them fresh food on daily basis.

How Much To Feed?

The answer is simple – all they can eat. Hamster requires at least a tablespoon of food every day in addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables. Hamsters know that food to eat to give their body vitamins, that’s why it’s better to give ample amount of food.  Pick out a respected manufacturer of a dry food for hamsters and don’t forget about vegetables. In order to be healthy they need vegetables on daily basis but don’t over do it. Give small amount of clover,carrots and grass every day. Leafy greens or lettuce can cause stomach problems.

Dog biscuits or dry cat treats is another thing that your hamster should get to increase the protein content. While your hamster eats biscuits, he grinds the teeth down and also receive the needed protein.

Treat For Your Hamster

List of treats for your hamster. Check it our below.

Eggs:  All hamsters love hard-boiled eggs because they contain proteins. It’s better to give eggs to pregnant mothers. You should use eggs as a special treat for your pet but remember that you must clean all uneaten eggs within 20 hours.

Meat: Some people say that giving meat to hamster can cause cannibalism. Even though, many people give meat to their pets as special treat. Just make sure to give them small chunks of beef, mealworms or canned dog food. Never give your hamster pork.

Fish Liver Oil: You can give fish liver oil to your hamster once a week because it is rich in Vitamins D and A. Few drops can be enough.

Bird Seed: You can give special mixed bird seed for canaries and budgerigars. A tablespoon of this food can be useful for your small friend.

Yeast: Rich with Vitamin B, it’s effective in reducing stress. Keep in mind that stress is the main reason of many hamster diseases that’s why Vitamin B is very important.  Give your hamster yeast once a week.

How To Give Your Hamster Food ?

Many people ask us how to give hamster their food – put it in a bowl or just on the floor of the cage ? Hamsters are hoarders, that’s why they love to seek for food and eat it from the floor. But many people say that when hamster see food in a bowl, it thinks it’s continuous supply and don’t eat too much.  If you use bowls, just make sure that all uneaten food should be replaced daily.

Balanced Diet For Your Hamster

Speaking about diet for hamster, you should keep in mind that only mix of different food can provide hamster good health and make it happy.  The complete list of items in the perfect hamster diet is available below.

  • Vitamins – Hamsters require only small amounts of vitamins. Remember that lack of vitamins can cause severe health problems to your little hummy.
  • Proteins – They are important for growth of teeth and tissue-building.  Great source of proteins like beans,corn,oats or nuts can be a great idea for young or pregnant hamsters.
  • Carbohydrates and Fats – the best way to get more energy or warmth. They are found in yeast,sugar,milk and potato. Don’t give too much this food to avoid storing fat in the body.
  • Water – A water of bottle should be always in placed in cage. It should be changed on daily basis.
  • Minerals – only small amounts are required. They are found in vegetable, grains and green foods.

A balanced diet consisting of the following items will provide your pet with all needed nutrients: corn, oats, sunflower seeds, barley, dog biscuits, vegetables. You must also give your hamster small amounts of fresh fruits once a week. The complete list of food acceptable for hamsters can be found at our website. Remember that giving your hamster proper food will make your little friend healthy and happy.