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Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster/Golden Hamster/Teddy Bear Hamster

Syrian Hamster is among the most popular small pets in many families around the world. These hamsters are also known as Teddy Bear Hamsters and Golden Hamsters.If you are thinking about buying hamster as pet, Syrian Hamster is the best choice. Those pets are easy to handle because of their docile nature. Even children can handle them easily. Before buying a Syrian Hamster, keep in mind that this animals are not social and it’s a bad idea to keep several hamsters in once cage. They will fight with each other and can even injure or kill themselves during fight.

Syriam humster is the largest one in the hamster family with average length of 6-7 inches. In some cases, females can be bigger than males. Syrian Hamsters have short tail, large cheek pouches and small eyes. Most of them live up to 2 years, but the world record is 4.5 years. Syrian Hamsters have short furry coat but they are available in 4 coat types, including short-haired,long-haired,rex and satin.

Toys For Syrian Hamster

Breeders often say that Syrian Hamsters love to get attention and become very close to their owners. The best idea to avoid your little hummy being unhappy, is buying some toys for him. My advice is to buy a wheel,tubes and wooden log rools for them. Just visit the local pet shop to get all those needed accessories for your hamster. The Syrian Hamster are happy when they are handled and bite rare. If these hamsters are properly handled and interacted, they can become best friends to your children.

Syrian Hamster Diet

The basic diet for syrian hamsters is including fruits, meat and vegetables. The diet should also include grass,seeds and insects. Buying a special dry food mix at the local pet show is a good idea. Avoid giving them acidic food.

Syrian Hamster Health

Those hamsters are less prone to infections and diseases. The one thing that you should keep in mind is the wet tail of your pet. If your pet has wet tail go to the vet. Keep your hamster in clean condition, give healthy food and fresh water and your pet will be healthy and happy.