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hamsterIf you are planning to buy a Hamster or if you already have one, you must know some things about those lovely pets in order to take care of them properly and provide them healthy life. Hamsters are mammals which belong to the rodent family, this means that they have large teeth continually growing. The animal has to gnaw to prevent the teeth from overgrowing. In fact, the word Hamster comes from the German “hamstern” (to hoard).

EatingHamsterThere are a lot of different species of hamsters all over the world but not all of them are used as home pets. They prefer to live in the semi-desert areas where they can build tunnels and houses in the ground to store food and sleep. In the wildlife, hamsters sleep during hot days and are active at night. Even though they have poor eyesight, they use sense of smell as their main weapon as well as excellent hearing. The most funny and most cute thing that I love in this pets is that all of them have expandable cheek pouches to carry food they’ve collected. They look so funny when their cheeks are full.

Is a Hamster the Right Pet for You?

2HamstersEven though that hamsters are so lovely and so cute, they may not be the best starter pet for you. Before buying a hamster you have to consider some important facts about them and answer several questions.

If you are looking for companionship during the day, hamsters are not the best pets for you due to the fact that they are most active at night. For light sleepers caring hamster at home is not a good idea because it will disturb your sleep and make you angry. But if you are a night owl  you can get a lot of fun from you furry companion.

Holding HamsterHamster as a pet for little children ?  The Answer is NO
Many people purchase hamsters as pets for their little children but let me explain why this is not a good idea. Of course, you might want to buy a little friend for your kid but as I have already told you, hamsters sleep during the day and this means that when you child is about to go to sleep the hamster will wake up. Remember that if the hamster is awakened suddenly during the day, it may bite.  Hamsters also don’t like sudden movements or loud noises. They should be touched very gently to avoid any problems. Little children can’t provide this skills,they may drop him or even scare. A scared or hurt hamster can bite the child. The most important factor is a risk of diseases that can be passed from animal to human. As the little children have poor immune system it’s not a good idea to let them contact with pets like hamsters.

hamster and toyDo you have enough space?

If you are planning to buy more than one hamster, you should think about this question because most of the hamsters are territorial animals. They should have their own space to live in. If there is not enough space, the hamsters will fight with each other and become angry.

Are you ready to spend some money?

When you are going to purchase a hamster you should think about ongoing needs of the pet. In additional to the initial purchase of supplies and equipment you might be spending 200-300$ a year to keep your little friend happy. Are you ready to pay all the veterinary costs ? If the answer is no, please don’t buy a pet like hamster

Do you have enough time?

Even though that hamsters can entertain themselves if their housing is enriched with bedding and toys, you should interact with your pet every day. You should also clean the cage at least once a week.

These are the most important things that you should keep in mind before buying a new friend. Browse our website to find some useful advice and guides.At HamsterWiki.com you can find everything about Hamsters, including useful information about types of pet hamsters, breeding them and taking care of them.  Come as a guest and stay as a family member of HamsterWiki.